The Joy of Creating

Every moment I spend creating something beautiful brings me joy.

Every custom request and custom order I receive brings with it an opportunity to spend time doing something I love.

Any occasion to use my imagination is a gift. Imagination is an artists most important tool.

Creating custom orders is one of my favorite things to do. When someone provides me with an idea and I turn it into reality, it is such a fabulous feeling.
A recent request for a custom japa male ( prayer and meditation beads)  and for a topaz necklace  brought me equal joy.  My customers were very happy too.



  1. That's great when you can do something you truly enjoy.
    Both of these items are very pretty!

  2. wow how beautiful are these works of yours ... full of love and mastery .....very yummy "STUFF" love it all .. BE BACK SOON ... HUGZ X


Lovely words

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