Copper Jewelry Benefits Fact or Fiction

The benefits of wearing copper jewelry have often been disputed. I have read a lot of claims that it is a miracle metal................ !  I have a beautiful copper bracelet available at my Gifts By Katherine website on the hot spot page.  It's gorgeous, but it holds no special powers!
I have researched reputable information and believe there are no benefits whatsoever that copper can reduce arthritis pain or joint pain.
But I can definitely verify that it is an attractive bracelet. What are your views regarding copper jewelry. Fact or Fiction?



  1. Lovely bracelet, Katherine, and your post brought back a memory of my teenage years... way back then I wore only copper jewelry, thinking it looked great with my red hair and fair skin. I had some very unusual pieces, too. I doubt its medicinal properties, but maybe its power is all in the mind, as I surely felt good wearing it!

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